Thursday, July 9, 2009

Finding it Ribbiting?

At a recent street fair in Bend, Oregon, children were, for the most part, amused by this amphibian. Some find such creatures real and are entertained, others find them scary. I think already at an early age, I would have approached the entire affair with skepticism. Perhaps we never lose our childhood orientation as we mature and deal with more complex information. Without becoming totally whacked in the head on such a beautiful summer day, suffice, that for Think Green Thursday, it is wonderful to see children happy and excited. There is much to be said about feeling carefree and seeing youngsters with lives ahead of them. Like a frog on a lilly pad, summer is a time to bask in the sun, dip in the water, and chortle occasionally our particular lovesong.


Jacob said...

Children love fantasy. As do some adults! This seems an innocuous way to have some fun. Nice slice-of-life shot!

tapirgal said...

This photo is fun, as Jacob said, nice slice of life. I don't remember feeling that the characters walking around Disneyland were that approachable, but it was probably me, not them. I seem to remember it seemed kind of spooky to know there was someone in there I couldn't see. I am having more fun with characters like this in my "advanced years." I remember the Statue of Liberty character we saw in Central Park. I went up and talked to her. I think in earlier years I wouldn't have done that. It's always fun to see peoples' reactions, especially kids. Some love it, some are shy. I'm extremely glad people still dress in costumes and do this stuff!

Creative Mish said...

My youngest daughter would freak out and scream and hide behind me.. Her older brother and sister had no fear! Its kinda weird how we try and teach them to stay away from strangers but push them towards these strange creatures! LOL!