Monday, August 17, 2009

Music in the Air

Last night, folksinger legend Joan Baez performed in Bend, Oregon and Tapirgal, who contributed the second photo, and I attended the concert. For me and others, it evoked deep melodic feelings and memories about the past. This was not a hand-clapping, foot stomping nostalgic event for those of us whose lives were dramatically impacted by the sixties, nor was it a convocation with the like-minded. It was more a reckoning that we were still alive, just older. Joan Baez's voice still resonated clarity, power and magic, not with the same intensity of earlier times, but spoke the same message of hope, love and affirmation of life in a combination of old and newer tunes from a variety of genres. For me the highlight was her electrifying rendition of The Band's "The night they drove ol' Dixie down, and the people were singing". On this night I felt gladdened by the music and enriched by a sense that my past and present have meaning into the future.


cieldequimper said...

I'm jealous! Real jealous. This is a coincidence, I just yesterday got out a Joan Baez CD because I felt like listening to it on my way to work! That's really a good close-up, well done Tapirgal!
I have a question: why is Bend called Bend? Is there a bend in a river? I haven't been further south than roughly Joseph, Pendleton and Hood River yet but intend to try the other side of the Wallowas (Baker-Halfway-Richland-Hell's Canyon) when I'm next in Oregon. It was meant to be this year but will probably only be in 2010.

Sylvia K said...

Oh, I'm real jealous, too! And what a great photo, Tapirgal! And, Lee, I know exactly what you were feeling at the end of the concert, your words did indeed speak to me and I do relate.

Have a great week!


J Bar said...

Before my time but I'm interested in music from all eras. I'm a fan of Australian movies too and happy to discuss any Aussie movies with you anytime Lee.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Jacob said...

Oh God. I remember watching her walk with the group across the Selma bridge and off to Montgomery in 1964 (?).

I'm so happy you got to see her in person and hear her beautiful voice and her beautiful message once more!

SandyCarlson said...

A lovely reckoning, I imagine. Dixie must have been amazing. Thanks for this post.

mountain.mama said...

How lucky you are to hear Joan singing live!

PS Vernal is in the Northeastern corner of Utah, just south of Wyoming and only 30 miles east of Colorado, Dinosaurland!

Raksha said...

Omigod, Lee...I'm getting all misty-eyed just hearing about this event, and looking at that beautiful picture! How I wish I could have been there with you. I used to have a double album that was one of my dearest treasures. It was an album of Joan Baez singing the songs of Bob Dylan--Two of my favorite performers of all time! Which reminds me: I have a request after the fact. By any chance, did Joanie sing "Daddy, You Been On My Mind"?

Small City Scenes said...

How neat to see the lovely lady.

Alive but older---oh yeah!
Older but wiser...maybe
Just older.-.-.-.-no way!!


kristina said...

I'm a fan of Australian movies too.
I'm so happy you got to see her in person and hear her beautiful voice and her beautiful message once more!
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Tash said...

She does a mean "Cry Me a River"...but I've only heard it on a record, over & over & over. The year was 1978, the album Blowin' Away, and I was in my 2nd year of college. I loved every song on it. Thanks for bringing back great memories.