Sunday, November 15, 2009


Yesterday I spied three mule deer not far from my house in Bend, Oregon. This isn't unusual here the since urban growth boundary has been pushed increasingly into wildlife habitat which contain scent trails that have been used for centuries. I am not here to debate whether the deer population has increased or decreased over the past years. The subject becomes unpleasant especially when talking to hunting enthusiasts or local farmers who allege their crops are almost purposefully munched. In any case, having originally been raised in the heart of the city of Chicago and then transplanted to the suburbs of Southern California in my youth, meant that seeing deer was an awe-inspiring event. Only after moving to Oregon in my early twenties and living in rural areas did this experience become almost commonplace. Nonetheless, there is still something so special about these innocent ungulates. I observed their behavior for hours when I worked on fire lookouts many years ago and learned much of their gentle personality. Seeing these few still brings me joy and reminds me of a world that once existed before there were so many of us.


laurelgrace00 said...

Did you sush them out of the road?

tapirgal said...

I loved this post. I like the deer and what you said about them.

B SQUARED said...

Beautiful animals. I too, was a city boy. Was never into hunting. I don't condemn it, just don't partake in it.

Jacob said...

My favorite kind of deer. We saw and photographed many of them in the Colorado mountains when visiting our daughter.

I'm fascinated by the way they will stop and stare as if wondering whether you are a threat or not. They do spook fairly easily though with a sudden noise or movement.

Sure are pretty, though.

This is such a nice photo.

cieldequimper said...

I'm glad you read and thought well of Remarque. I'm not sure Dorgelès was translated into English.
This photo reminds me of the deer surrounding my rental car at Wallowa lake. The only snag was that my camera battery went dead on me at that precise moment.

SandyCarlson said...

Special and beautiful and peaceful. I think they are a miracle to behold. Thank you for sharing their beauty.