Saturday, November 21, 2009

going down the line

Late this afternoon, before it began to snow, I snapped a picture of the old train station in Bend, Oregon. It is now the home to an art collective called Art Station, which offers community sponsored art classes to children and adults. I looked carefully along the roadway to see the vestige of old railroad tracks, but could find none and know, if I go by the historical museum, I'll probably find old photos and learn its history. In an earlier post I related how I became infatuated with trains as a child and this thrill has never left me. I went to a railroad museum in San Diego recently and bought caps of the now defunct Southern Line and the Southern Pacific. I don't think I'll ever wear these odd-looking engineer's caps nor hang them on hooks. I am still puzzled by my impulse. The emblems on them were beautifully embroidered and reminded me how exciting it was to see these lines' colorful freight cars whizzing by.

Yesterday I mentioned that I will be taking a hiatus from Bend Daily Photo starting in January and will be starting a new blog. Briefly, through strange circumstances, I decided to volunteer for what was to be a short while with an international service organization called Amizade. Upon learning of my blogging experience and liking my writing skills, the director asked me almost jokingly if I would be interested in doing a blog and a cohesive narrative of a number of their sites. Anyway, I am leaving first for northern Brazil to take pictures, write and help out at a medical facility and school in a small city on the Amazon. After that I fly to Cochabamba, Bolivia and do the same at an orphanage. After several weeks I leave for Tanzania via England where I will be in the "bush" near the Uganda and Rwanda border where volunteers are putting in water systems for villagers. I then cross Tanzania on my own and will be able to go on a safari through the Serenghetti. I then fly East through Hong Kong and New York to Jamaica and spend two weeks at a school up in the mountains. Finally I return to America and go to Arizona to the Navajo Nation for two weeks and help at an Indian school. At the end of April, I'll be back in Oregon and wonder whether it was all a dream or whether it was real. That's it. How does it feel? without a home a complete a rolling stone! Thanks Bob D.


Small City Scenes said...

Your new venture sound totally exciting. What a great opportunity for you. And I will say how brave of you to plunge ahead and do something that will be great. Good vibes going on here.

As to the trains caps--I bet it was more the patches than the hats that attracted you. I like trains too and have only been on one once in my life. So now I just might take the train to Bellingham. LOL MB

Sylvia K said...

I'm so very excited for you, Lee! What an incredible opportunity and I know you will make the most of it! This is just terrific! Look forward to reading about your adventures!

As for trains, I've always been fascinated by them and they're still my favorite way to travel -- I take them back to Oregon, to California and even to Texas.

Have a great week!


cieldequimper said...

First, let me say that your photo yesterday was gorgeous. Then, that it's good that even without railway tracks, the old train stations are recycled.
Finally... LUCKY, lucky you! I can't wait to see the new blog and I must admit that the final part will interest me most! What a grand year 2010 will be for you, with so many human experiences!! :-)

tapirgal said...

I know you'll enjoy these adventures and challenges and will come back with amazing stories and memories. You'll do a great job. They're lucky to have you on board.

SandyCarlson said...

Sound like you are going to have an excellent adventure. Best wishes!

Thanks for this view of the station.

Raksha said...
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Raksha said...

Somehow, before you even start, I can see your new blog turning into a book. I think it was when I read the words "a cohesive narrative" for the second time that it flashed on me that it could be a book, and with your photography skills it will be beautifully illustrated. I know that before you start too, and so does everyone here who is familiar with your work. I'll have more to say about all this later on.