Thursday, June 25, 2009

Eat your Heart Out!

All right you summer fun lovers, you cholesterol soakers, you, get your fingers, face and shirt sticky mongrels, it's time to barbecue! At Bend, Oregon's, Light Bite, this selection of delicious dead animal pieces were offered reasonably for the eager, ravenous crowd. The odor, like nectar to bees, wafted through air over a prodigious distance and lured the young and old. . I restrained myself and snapped a picture instead, as to not get my viewfinder and lens sticky with sweet sauce. What a sacrifice I make for the City Daily Blog!


Small City Scenes said...

So you came back. How was the time alone and the fishing? Enjoyable I would imagine.

no thank you.

My poem for the day. MB

Jacob said...

Omigod! You actually took a photo of poor dead animals barbecued to cancer-causing perfection.

Your eschewing chewing this stuff is greatly appreciated as are all your daily sacrifices for City Daily Photo!


B Squared said...

Nothing says summer like Bar-B-Q !