Wednesday, June 3, 2009


In this ominous scene of a developing thunderstorm over the high desert of Central Oregon, near Bend, Oregon, the rain is imminent in time for Watery Wednesday. Taken from a campsite above a favorite flyfishing spot at South Junction, an old railroad refueling stop, on the Deschutes River, I hesitated before walking to and then wading into the river. The rumbling clouds portended lightening. I saw myself waving my trusty fly rod as a magic wand over the river, and thought then about how easily I could be nature's crafty trout. These are special moments which the camera aids me to memorialize and share. After the storm past, I slipped silently into the water, felt the current pulsate gently against my legs, and focused intensely on the kaleidoscope patterns in the water. I was now ready to play in the river, a man-child of one mind, within the all.


Denise said...

What a lovely scene you've brought to mind, told so well and so vividly I felt I was there myself. Great post and beautiful photo.

Jacob said...

Eerie...any lightning? And you with your rod in the water?

Nice shot, Lee!

2sweetnsaxy said...

What a view. Your story behind it makes me miss camping and easily reminds me of why nature appeals to me so much. :-)

J Bar said...

Good shot.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Karen said...

What a wonderful description of a very cool photo !

I really like the way you've captured those clouds are rolling above you..

In Northern nevada, we've had thunderstorms for a number of days now ... all spawned by a depression sitting off the coast of California. It's an unusual weather pattern for around here..

Small City Scenes said...

Great shot and wonderful words. I remember when I lived in Oregon (many moons aga) and we used to have Lightening storms and we all sat out on the front lawn and watched them. Oh to have had a camera back then.

Road tripped to Yakima River Canyou last weekend and did some hiking--no camping. MB