Saturday, June 27, 2009

Soft, Full and Inviting

There is something about cattails that attracts the eye. By their soft furry cotton-textured top or, later in the season, the bare dark brown pestle-shaped essence, they project tall, distinct, and regally over other neighboring plants. Of course I am not alone in my fixation by their presence. Adorning the water's edge like a defense line of decorated staves, they become, among much else, a meeting place for amorous and constantly gossiping red-winged blackbirds. This cluster of cattails grows along the Deschutes River riverwalk in the Old Mill District of Bend, Oregon. It is the upturned filigree on the river's edge beckoning us to experience the soothing quality of its nature.


Small City Scenes said...

Excellent image. I think I rather like cattails at this stage rather than the new. There is a small patch at my pond that I am trying to keep small. MB

cieldequimper said...

Like yarn waiting to be spun. Very nice!

Jacob said...

Love cattails. I wonder if there is a plant called dogtail...and if not, why not. Do you suppose the cats have used their influence to suppress the rights of the canine species?


Love you poetic prose, Lee!