Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Light of my Life?

Hydroelectric power is harnessed from many dams along the Columbia River on the Oregon -Washington border and is sent thousands of miles in various directions. These particular
power lines cross Highway 20 East of Bend, Oregon, and, I assume, carry current south to light up customers in Nevada or California. Like soldiers at attention, these towers stand unflinchingly in pairs across the desert's monotonous parade ground. It is an eerie feeling in this desolate landscape to see these metal and wire interlopers weave their path through fields of sage and bitterbrush, across dry creeks and scorched hillsides. Like the thoughts of a child who has stuck large pins in an unwanted doll, so were the minds of those who decided that this architecture suitable and practical for worthless space. The priorities of progress demand sacrifice. This grid brings convenience. It is not about art or beauty. Remember your Genesis. Is that what is meant by "Let there be light."?


Small City Scenes said...

We lived by the power lines for many years and largely learned to ignore them. But they do bring electricity. What do you think about the beautiful white wind turbines. My the power be with you. MB

B SQUARED said...

When looking at these structures, I always think there must be a better way. Not in our lifetime I'm sure.

Jacob said...

We've got some of these a block or so away...not good, I think, for some studies would indicate they could cause a variety of ailments!

Then, the question arises, if not these, what? Gotta have light or at least the source of light - electricity...

And, it's in the most recent of the creation stories (Gen. 1) that you find the thingy about light...what's fascinating is that god creates light immediately, but does not create the sources of light - sun and moon - until the fourth day.

Confused god.

So, no, silly, this isn't what is meant by "Let there be light."

Heh. Heh.

Me hopes you're having a great day!

Sylvia K said...

Great post, Lee. I tend to agree with B Squared, not a better way in my lifetime at least! Marvelous shot!

Have a great weekend!


Martha Z said...

You do learn not to see them. Having lived adjacent to a hydro-electric plant for 15 years I can attest to that.
Since I love the natural view and I enjoy having light at night to read by, I accept the need for transmission lines, preferably gathered together in a few corridors. Then there is the NIBY issue, where to put them.
For ourselves, we generate almost as much power as we use with solar cells but since we need power at night we are still hooked into the grid at our primary home. The cabin has batteries which have a pollution problem.
A complicated issue. Fewer people would help, another complicated issue.

tapirgal said...

What everyone else said. It's interesting how these things can look like art in a photo and like the worst trash in real life. I love the part on the right where the shapes begin to touch each other, gray on gray. Very cool photo and nicely journalized.

October 1, 2009 11:27 AM