Saturday, September 12, 2009

seeing it through

Looking through the balustrades at Mirror Pond on the Newport Avenue bridge in Bend, Oregon offers an interesting glimpse of watery reflections of some large pine trees. There are several similar bridges in town, which still show similar ornate concrete columns and Gothic arches. It saddens me however, when I learn that an old bridge is being replaced because it is too narrow or shows signs of wear, because, odds on, the new span will be generally devoid of character and be purely functional. Taking a picture through cold steel rails fails to provide a decorative frame for a lovely vista that lies beyond. It makes a picture look like it has been taken from a jail cell. Rather than dwell on the economic conditions which stifle artistic considerations, or wax nostalgically by venerating the architecture of the past, suffice it to say, I am thankful that this bridge near my home still lasts to enhance the majestic beauty of this town.


Small City Scenes said...

Beautiful shot. Love the reflection.
We have had some historic bridges replaces to the exact look of the old one. So someone is thinking.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Lovely shot !! The view from the wall frame is great..Unseen Rajasthan

tapirgal said...

I thought it was a church when I first looked at it! These bridges are too nice to demolish. Maybe you could talk to the city planners? If Astoria could spend 3 million on the bridge to Warrenton, maybe there is enough money somewhere to think about the aesthetics of this one. Bend does such a nice job of working with aesthetics in other public areas such as the traffic circles. This bridge does have a beautiful siplicity, though, that's been lost in some of the new designs. I wonder if they'd consider keeping the style.

Sylvia K said...

Hope it remains the same for a while at least -- the view is gorgeous through it as it is -- as is your photo! Have to admit, there are many changes I hate to see happen.

Have a great day, Lee.

Raksha said... have a good eye, and it seems to keep getting better all the time! Again you inspire me.

Jacob said...

Maybe I'm just getting too old, but most of what people think is "progress," I find regressive! If things need changing and upgrading, at least them some "heart" and warmth, rather than a functional emptiness!

One of the things I find interesting about this photo is how it's sharp front to must have use a small fstop...very well done.