Thursday, October 22, 2009

out in the open

Today I hiked again in Dry River Canyon near Bend, Oregon. About a month ago I reported I walked only part of the way and turned back, because I felt the presence of a mountain lion. This morning I completed the trail and came up out of the canyon and found myself in the high desert. There are some exceptional hikes to Indian mounds and caves with petroglyphs near here which I will be able to do when it becomes too cold and snowy in the mountains to explore.


Sylvia K said...

How terrific! Would love to see some of the Indian mounds and caves with petroglyphs! Fascinating! You do find some marvelously interesting places!

Have a great weekend, Lee!


J Bar said...

Sydney - City and Suburbs

Small City Scenes said...

A great place to hike.

I bought some new hiking boots awhile back but just could not replace my old boots. My best hiking boots had patches upon their patches. so I finally said I have to break in my new one---I have done that and painfully tossed out the old one. I felt I should bronze them--but saner heads prevailed. LOL MB

Jacob said...

You are full of surprises and surprising places!

When you hike around in the presence of mountain lions - are you armed?

You will, I'm sure, be showing us photos of Indian mounds and caves with nymphos...oops, I meant petroglyphs... ;-)

Have a bon weekend!

cieldequimper said...

Looks so like a southern desert to me. I'll be looking forward to seeing those caves!

What would you do if you really had to face a mountain lion or another wild and dangerous animal? Are you armed when you go on hikes?

Oh... and by the sound of it you like French gardens "les jardins à la française". I don't! ;-) I much prefer English ones. They look so much more natural.

Raksha said...

I have to express the same concern as others, Lee. If you're going to hike in desolate places where there could be mountain lions and other dangerous critters, it would definitely be a good idea to protect yourself. I don't own a gun myself and wouldn't know what do with one if I did, but it would probably be a good idea for me too. The most dangerous critters in these parts are the two-legged kind...but then I imagine that's true everywhere.