Friday, October 16, 2009

weekend repose

To all the wonderful City Daily Bloggers who have become friends and supporters of Bend Daily Photo, I am taking a break this weekend and hope to post again on Monday October 19th.
The best to you and your town. fondly, Lee


Sylvia K said...

Hope you have a lovely break, Lee! We all need one from time to time.



cieldequimper said...

Have a good time!

B SQUARED said...

Enjoy your weekend.

Small City Scenes said...

See you when you get back. Enjoy!!! MB

tapirgal said...

There's something about shadow pictures of people (and other things) that always intrigues me. This is a good one, showing not only you, but where you enjoy being (hiking, no doubt). Enjoy your time off.

Jacob said...

I'd ask the obvious question as to where you are going, but you have explicitly explained already: Only the shadow knows!

Have fun!