Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Going Downtown?

I have rarely posted any pictures of downtown Bend, Oregon. I have focused instead on the natural beauty of the area. This photo continues to leave followers somewhat in the dark about the town's appearance. Briefly the core business district, consisting of one way streets, contains quite a number of small boutique clothing and gift shops which I seem to be intentionally expensive. Also there are a number of better than average restaurants with elaborate wine lists for guests with a discriminating palette. It is my understanding that once Burger King was denied a permit to locate in an empty store front. My favorite stop is the barbershop. A haircut costs $17.00 which includes a beer or micro-brew for every patron. Overall the town projects a genteel atmosphere and offers visitors a clean, safe, pleasant place to stroll. Strangely enough I have not gone into most of the establishments. I am more of an alley cat than pedigree.


tapirgal said...

Nice description. Where I come from, that's called Yuppie. I think the term still applies. It's an attractive town, but I know why you spend so much time in the wilderness.

Tash said...

A haircut and a brewskie! what a deal.
Thank you for sharing the remembrances from childhood. I always thought Hollywood Riviera was such an odd name. I recently read a bit of history of Torrance and there was the central industrial & worker's town that developed by old Torrance and the coastal section of Hollywood Rvra - then it got filled-in in between.

B SQUARED said...

If we happen to meet in an alley someday, I'll be sure to say hello. I am definitely going to try out that barbershop one day.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Sky is beautiful !! Nice shot !! Great post !!Unseen Rajasthan

cieldequimper said...

I probably shouldn't say this, but it reminds me of Walla Walla east main street. I like it!

I haven't seen Max Ophüls' film. As a Franco-German, I do know one thing though: the Germans have done a lot of painful thinking and analysis about the 1930s and 1940s. The French haven't. Even today, most books and magazine articles glorify "la résistance" and tend to forget the oh so dark side of French behaviour during the occupation.

Jacob said...

Wait, doesn't an alleycat snoop around and doesn't a smart alleycat snoop around in hoity-toity places?

From your photo, I'd say the place is booming! Sounds quite nice, really, and I would be most pleased to stroll about and window shop and try some of those "better than average" restaurants.

But your barber shop is the cat's meow! A cut and a brew! How wonderful is that. The trouble is I'd get my hair cut too often!

Have a great evening prowling about Bend's back alleys!

J Bar said...

Great colours in that sky.
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