Friday, December 18, 2009

view of the top

Standing at the edge of the tree line adjacent the mid-mountain lodge at Mount Bachelor Resort near Bend, Oregon, the site of yesterday's post, it is apparent there is still much mountain left to explore. The lift to the summit is East and not in view. The lift to the right of the picture is the top of the Outback Chair, which provides access to the west side of the mountain. The summit is at about ten thousand feet and provides amazing vistas of the Cascade Range. I'd love to show you some shots from above, but the lift was closed. In fact, this picture was taken last year at this time. Today it was so foggy, that from this spot, I couldn't have even seen the map in the foreground. Sometimes the weather trumps the fun. After five runs, I decided to go home rather than taking the chance of running into something solid with little "give", such as a pine tree!


Sylvia K said...

Ah, a wise choice, I'm thinking! Enjoy your weekend!


tapirgal said...

Oh my, this is beautiful! I love all the blue, and the exposure of the snow is just great. I'll imagine it was like this today. Sounds like a good move not running into a tree!

Brighid said...

Certainly bumping into a pine tree could alter one's course. Great pic.

cieldequimper said...

Sparking beauty this is!

I'm glad you stopped before you made an encounter of the third kind! It happened to my Mum when she was small, she broke her leg while sleighing into a tree!

Jacob said...

You're a very smart man. Better to avoid a pine in the ass!

Beautiful photo, though, of a beautiful place!

Stay warm!