Thursday, May 28, 2009

chlorophyl's clever call

This came to me for Think Green Thursday. These clusters, on a corner in Bend, Oregon, coalesce into a colorful collection of coraline-like crowns. As I clicked the camera, I concluded, that I had captured the confidence of this sun catcher and created a cogent comment on the continuing capacity of chemicals to clarify the character of color; thus causing me to come closer to the cosmos and confirming correspondingly, that I am completely cuckoo.


tapirgal said...

And I guess this is why I like you. I had to laugh when I read the last line. And by the way, the picture is outstanding! This brilliant, and I am up too late!

Jacob said...

Okay. I laughed out loud. Most philosophers are a bit nuts. Me, too. So, who cares. We think of the important things, like the creation of chlorophyl.

Initially, this photo reminded me of lettuce. Lettuce spray!

Have a great day.

Small City Scenes said...

And you are full of C----vitamin C no doubt.MB