Saturday, May 23, 2009

Turning Toward Your Shadow

A book I once read reminded me that a shadow is our perpetual twin. In this unusual photo it is hard to ascertain what object has casts its reflection as this wheeled structure. Located at the center of Bend, Oregon's Old Mill District, there is a statue which commemorates the lumber mill which operated at this spot for over a century. I suppose we are looking at the shadow of the wheel of time or the wheel of progress or a depiction of the machinery that churned once majestic forests into dust or simply looking to deeply for meaning when no intention exists except art itself. For Shadow Shot Sunday I prefer my eye to rest on the spokes and rim and imagine a giant bicycle turning through the sky and me riding the currents uphill and downhill into the distance.


tapirgal said...

It's a beautiful photo and your thoughts and comments on it are deeply thoughtful, as always. You know how to bring many thoughts to a piece of visual creation. It was a pleasure to see and read this post.

Jacob said...

Your poetry flows. Great post. I'd write more, but I'm dieting, have no energy, and am becoming a shadow of my former self. ;-)