Friday, May 15, 2009

In Tune with Life

The upbeat lyrics of Bobby Darin's classic tune "Lazy River" kept running through my mind as I framed this picture. He croons to join him on a lazy river in the noonday sun under a sky above where everyone's in love. On that "note" the reflection in the Deschutes River and the aquamarine sky above promise us romantic tranquillity for Skywatch Friday here in Bend, Oregon. Bring your loved one or find him or her here. Then sing happily ".....go up the lazy river with me."


Jacob said...

Gorgeous! That's the kind of scene that often comes to mind when I think of Oregon.

Should Fish More said...

The small point of land in the middle left of the picture is where I would fish as a kid, and in the 60's and earlier there was a summer 'festival', called the Mirror Pond Pagent. Floats, fireworks, beauty queens, etc.