Monday, May 11, 2009

Lazy, Lazy Afternoon

What would a blog about the Bend area be without a picture of the Deschutes River! This remarkable river flows through my city on its magical path to the Columbia River. It is a fisherman's paradise holding lots of sassy redside trout for the patient and accomplished angler to lure. Today I walked along its banks and cast an assortment of flies in search of that big one and managed to coax one or two trout to rise to my fly. What a life! What an afternoon of seeing flowers, feeling the gentle soothing breeze and hearing the sound of water sliding by.


tapirgal said...

What a beautiful spot and nice composition. Thanks for the photo!

Shadow said...

I'd like to take a lazy float down this river, beautiful! Welcome to the CDP family, glad you're here.

addicted to life said...

lazy and relaxing.
the nature always let me dream