Thursday, May 21, 2009

The other day when I snapped this image, I enjoyed the fact that the picture showed such a diversity of trees are found in Drake Park in Bend, Oregon, but was distracted by the little yellow markers which, like blossoming weeds, seem to be popping up out of the grass. On further scrutiny, I determined these flags do not locate the cup on the greens for aristocratic golfing insects, but have been placed by park maintenance to keep people from stepping on spots on the grass which have been reseeded. Consequently, in conjunction with the multi-hued verdant foliage, this "green" consciousness makes this photo doubly suitable for Think Green Thursday and the Thursday Challenge. The park is used heavily during the day by picnickers and downtown employees managing to relax or eat lunch and every evening practically, it is filled with folks enjoying some kind of festival. In addition , a plethora of resident Canadian geese and Western Mallard Ducks, who live in the adjacent pond, peck and poop perpetually in the park making this lush, comfortable spot a most colorful and vital destination in our to city.


tapirgal said...

The park really is a wonderful destination in Bend. It's one of the nicest city parks I know with the river, the ducks and geese, etc. I think I would trip on the flags, but it was interesting to see them and find out what they are!

Jacob said...

Do those little yellow flags do the job or do people just walk around them.

You really did capture a bunch of different trees.

Looks like a very nice park.

disa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.